Traffic Signs

Guidance Signs

Guidance signs

The purpose of guidance signs is to help you with your navigation by giving early indications that you will soon reach a particular place.


GLS-1 - River name
GLS-2 - Toll route name
GLS-3 - End of toll route
GLS-4 - Freeway name (dual)
GLS-5 - Freeway name (single)
GLS-6 - Interchange name
GLS-7 - Conservancy area
GDS-1 - Railway station
GDS-2 - Bus terminus
GDS-3 - Bus terminus
GDS-4 - Airport
GDS-5 - Freeway (dual)
GDS-6 - Freeway (single)
GDS-7 - Power station
GDS-8 - Industrial area
GDS-9 - City centre/central business district
GDS-10 - Toll route
GDS-11 - Alternative route
GDS-12 - Heliport
GDS-13 - Mine
GDS-14 - Harbour
GDS-15 - Library
GDS-16 - Bicycle route
GDS-17 - Park-’n-ride (train)
GDS-18 - Park-’n-ride (bus)
GDS-19 - Pick-up point
GDS-20 - Parking
GDS-21 - Minibus rank
GDS-22 - Toll plaza ahead
GDS-23 - Border/Customs post


National Park Attractions


GFS A1 - Generic–National park
GFS A1-1 - National Parks-RSA
GFS A1-2 - National Parks-Namibia


Provincial/Regional/District Parks Attractions

GFS A2 - Generic–Provincial park
GFS A2-1 - Provincial parks Gauteng
GFS A2-2 - Provincial parks Free State
GFS A2-3 - Provincial parks Western Cape
GFS A2-4 - Provincial parks Kwazulu-Natal


Resorts Attractions

GFS A3 - Generic - Resorts
GFS A3-1 - Country clubs (Golf)
GFS A3-2 - Hot springs
GFS A3-3 - Inland water resort
GFS A3-4 - Seaside/beach resort
GFS A3-5 - Berg/Mountain resort


Scenic Attractions

GFS A4-1 - Nature reserve
GFS A4-2 - National Heritage site
GFS A4-3 - Botanical gardens
GFS A4-4 - Gardens (Flowers)
GFS A4-5 - Waterfall
GFS A4-6 - Lake or dam (No water sport)
GFS A4-7 - Caves
GFS A4-8 - View point
GFS A4-9 - Forest (Natural)
GFS A4-10 - State forest
GFS A4-11 - Mountain/berg


Sports Attractions

GFS A5-1 - Motor racing track
GFS A5-2 - Golf course
GFS A5-3 - Horse racecourse
GFS A5-4 - Equestrian events
GFS A5-5 - Fishing
GFS A5-6 - Cricket field
GFS A5-7 - Swimming pool
GFS A6-8 - Sport stadium


GSS-1 - Arrestor bed
GSS-2 - Change to lower gear

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