Traffic Signs

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals

Name: Traffic lights
Where: Where traffic density can be better controlled by traffic lights at intersections, junctions, pedestrian crossings, etc.
Purpose: To regulate traffic coming from different directions.
Action: These lights must be obeyed at all times in the following manner:
  • Red - Stop
  • Flashing red arrow to the left - After stopping, the driver may turn if there is no traffic. Remember to yield to pedestrian traffic and oncoming traffic that wants to turn right, and traffic from the right passing through the intersection.
  • Amber - Stop, except where it cannot be done safely.
  • Constant amber arrow - Stop and wait until the flashing green arrow shows you may go.
  • Green - Go if it is safe.
  • Flashing green arrows - Right of way in the direction of the flashing arrow.
  • Constant green arrow - Shows the direction in which traffic must go, for example one-way streets.
  • Flashing amber disc - Drive on carefully, but yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians may cross the roadway.
  • Flashing red signal - Indicates that the driver must stop and may carry on when it is safe (as at stop sign).
  • At a railway crossing a flashing red light indicates that a train is coming and you may not drive on until the light stops flashing.
  • (Red) figure light signal. Shows pedestrians that they may not cross the road until the green figure light signal is shown.  If this sign flashes pedestrians who have not entered the roadway must wait until a green figure light signal shows. Pedestrians who are already in the intersection must cross the intersection as quickly as possible.

Name: Overhead lane direction control
Purpose: Steady green downward pointing arrow (S16) – Indicates to the driver that he/she may drive in the lane over which the arrow is displayed
Steady red cross(S17) – Indicates to a driver that he/she shall not drive in the lane over which the cross is displayed. Lane might be open to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.
Yellow arrow left (S18) and right (S19) – Indicates to the driver that the lane he/she is driving in is closed ahead. The driver must leave the lane in the direction of the arrow.

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