Light Motor Vehicle

Incline start automatic transmission

Incline start automatic transmission

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1. Stop where indicated not allowing the vehicle to move backwards.

2. Apply parking brake.

3. Check rear view mirror(s) and appropriate blind spot, if applicable.

4. Signal intention, if applicable.

5. Observe.

6. Release parking brake.

7. Move off without rolling back.

8. Cancel signal, if applicable.

Note A:

Should an applicant not select neutral, he/she shall not be penalised. It shall be expected of him/her to use the parking brake.

Note B:

Should the applicant spin the wheels when moving off he/she shall be penalised for: INCLINE START (1) Move ...................................

Note C:

Only one attempt shall be permitted. Note D: Should the vehicle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “Roll” and the test discontinued.

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