Pre-trip inspection - on motorcycle

Pre-trip inspection - on motorcycle

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1. Turn ignition switch to “ON” position.

2. Check warning lights and gauges for malfunction.

3. Check operation of front- and rear lights, direction indicators, horn and stoplight.

4. Turn all switches to “OFF” position and turn the ignition key off.

5. Check pressure of brakes and clutch.

6. Check the throttle operation.

7. Check operation of the kick start lever, if applicable.

8. Adjust mirrors for maximum rear-view vision.

Note A:

The examiner shall request the applicant to mount the motorcycle and to operate the lights, directionindicators, horn and brake light.

Note B:

In the event of minor defects, the applicant may be given the opportunity to rectify them, however, atime limit of five minutes will be allowed.Note C:In certain cases the engine must be running in order to operate lights.

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