Clutch - use of

Clutch - use of

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1. Pull clutch lever fully in.

2. Obtain clutch control.

3. Avoid unjustified “Slipping” of clutch.

4. Avoid unjustified “Riding” of clutch.

5. Avoid unjustified “Coasting”.

6. Remove hand completely from clutch lever except for the purpose of gear changing, stopping,justified, “Slipping”, “Riding” or “Coasting”.

7. Disengage clutch completely just before motorcycle is brought to a complete standstill, withoutlabouring or stalling engine.

Note A

:When coming to a stop, the brakes shall be applied before disengaging the clutch, in order toprevent coasting. This is not a requirement in stop-start traffic or when stopping on an incline.

Note B:

The fingers may not rest on the clutch lever whilst the motorcycle’s is in motion, except in stop-starttraffic.

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