Road Rules


Fog Lamps

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Front fog lamps - Rear fog lamps -

No vehicle may be driven on a public road while any fog lamp fitted to such vehicle is lit, except in conditions of poor visibility caused by;

  • snow;
  • fog;
  • mist;
  • dust; or
  • smoke

Stop Lamp

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A motor vehicle may not be used on a public road if it is fitted with a spot lamp, which can be so adjusted as to enable a beam of light emit there from to be deflect in any direction;

Provided that a spot lamp which is adjustable—

  • may be fitted and used for official purposes on any ambulance, rescue vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle, police vehicle or traffic control vehicle;
  • may be fitted to a vehicle owned by a medical practitioner or veterinarian, and used for professional duties only; or
  • may be fitted to a breakdown vehicle or a vehicle employed in connection with the supply of electricity or other public essential services: Provided that it is used solely at the scene of an accident or breakdown or for the examination of overhead telephone, telegraph or power lines.

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