Turning speed judgement

Turning speed judgement

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1. Observe.

2. Move off.

3. Accelerate and ride as fast as possible through the curve.

4. Do not touch the curved boundary lines.

5. Stop at the second starting point, without touching the outer boundary line.

6. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Note A:

Only three attempts in one direction shall be allowed if the first and second attempts wereunsuccessful and provided that no boundary lines have been touched.

Note B:

Should it happen that the applicant touches a boundary line for this manoeuvre with one of his/herfeet after moving off, he/she shall be penalised for “Balance”, and not for “T. Line”.

Note C:

During “Turning speed judgement” the points value displayed on the electronic clipboard shall be entered in the appropriate block.!

Example:Turning speed judgement

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Only when the electronic clipboard displays “Slow”, two further attempts to obtain a readingshall be allowed. Should a reading of “Fast” be displayed and no boundary lines have beentouched a zero (0) shall be entered and be regarded as an even number.!

Certain electronic apparatus do not display “Slow” and should a reading of 1.5 seconds ormore be displayed, it shall be regarded as “Slow”. A reading of 0.8 seconds or less shall beregarded as “Fast”.

Note D:

Should the motorcycle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “Roll” and the test shall bediscontinued.

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