Emergency swerve

Emergency swerve

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1. Observe.

2. Move off.

3. Accelerate and change to a higher gear, if applicable.

4. Do not touch the boundary lines.

5. Disengage clutch, if applicable.

6. When a amber light comes on, swerve in the direction of that light to cross line “K-L” as faras possible from the cross point “D”.

7. Straighten up so that lines “M-N” or “O-P” are not touched.

8. Stop without touching the outer boundary lines.

Note A:

Only three attempts in any direction shall be allowed if the first and second attempts wereunsuccessful, provided no boundary lines were touched.

Note B:

Should a reading of “fast” be displayed, the line shall be crossed beyond the 4th calibration mark inorder to pass this manoeuver, in which case no penalty points shall be recorded.

Note C:

Should the applicant carry out an incorrect action (swerve in wrong direction or brake/stop), 25penalty points shall be recorded in the appropriate block. This manoeuvre shall be repeated until thecorrect action is executed. Only three (3) attempts shall be permissible.

Note D:

Should a reading of “Fast” be given, and the swerve distance is less than the 5th calibration mark, ora reading of “Slow” is given, a second attempt shall be allowed. Should the applicant still ride too”Fast”, and still does not cross the calibration line beyond the 4th calibration mark, or still ride too“Slow”, a third (final) attempt shall be allowed.

Note E:

Should the applicant, whilst executing this manoeuver touch any one of the boundary lines, whetherit was those of the straight path, or of lines “O - P” , “M - N” or the outer boundary lines, a circle shallbe drawn around the appropriate black block next to “T - line”, and discontinue the test.


T. line .........................................................(fail)

Note F:

Should it happen that the applicant touches a boundary line of the straight path with one of his/herfeet after moving off, he/she shall be penalised for “Balance”, and not for “T. Line”.

Note G:

Should the motorcycle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “Roll” and the test shall bediscontinued.

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