Gear changing - down

Gear changing - down

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1. Check rear-view mirrors.

2. Close throttle smoothly.

3. Brake if necessary to appropriate speed for circumstances.

4. Pull clutch lever fully in.

5. Select lower gear and remove foot from lever.

6. Releasing clutch lever to contact point.

7. Open throttle smoothly and progressively whilst releasing clutch lever completely.

Note A:

Avoid selecting a lower gear to replace or assist braking.

Note B:

Gears should preferably be changed whilst travelling on a straight course.

Note C:

If an ascending gradient is being negotiated where road speed reduced despite continuousapplication of the throttle, then the change down to a lower gear shall be carried out before thespeed drops to a point where the use of the lower gear will not serve its purpose and/or the enginestarts labouring.

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