Lane changing

Lane changing

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1. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

2. Check rear-view mirrors and appropriate blind spot.

3. Signal intension.

4. Check appropriate blind spot.

5. Steer to selected lane, if safe.

6. Cancel signal.

Note A:

Changing lanes within an intersection should be avoided.

Note B:

Where more than one lane is changed in one movement, the appropriate blind spot shall be checkedprior to crossing each lane-line.

Note C:

The left hand side line of the straight path between “A” and “C” shall not be touched anywhere.

Note D:

The right hand side line of the straight path between “A” and “C” shall be crossed before getting to“C”.

Note E:

The applicant shall carry out a lane change to the right without crossing line “O-P” and passing to theleft of such line, and stop where instructed to do so.

Note F:

Should it happen that the applicant touches either line of the straight path with one of his/her feetafter moving off, he/she shall be penalised for “Balance”, and not for “T. Line”.

Note G:

Should the motorcycle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “Roll” and the test shall bediscontinued.

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