Stopping - for parking

Stopping - for parking

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1. Check rear-view mirrors and appropriate blind spot.

2. Signal intention.

3. Check appropriate, blind spot, if applicable.

4. Position, if necessary.

5. Check rear-view mirrors.

6. Decelerate.

7. Brake.8. Select appropriate gear, if applicable.

9. Disengage clutch completely before the motorcycle is brought to a complete stop, withoutlabouring or stalling the engine.

10. Obtain and/or maintain a clear space behind or alongside any obstruction or other road user,where applicable.

11. Stop in accordance with road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

12. Cancel signal and switch accessories off, if applicable.

13. Select appropriate gear or neutral, if necessary.

14. Switch engine off by means of the engine “kill” switch.

15. Turn ignition key to off.

16. Turn fuel tap to off, if applicable.

17. Park the motorcycle on the appropriate stand.18. Lock the steering if applicable.

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