Intersections - turning right

Intersections - turning right

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1. Check rear-view mirrors and blind spot to right, if applicable.

2. Position motorcycle in lane, if necessary.

3. Check mirrors and blind spot to right.

4. Signal intention.

5. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

6. Check rear-view mirrors.

7. Decelerate if necessary.

8. Brake, if necessary.

9. Select gear, if necessary.

10. Yield to approaching traffic and/or pedestrians.

11. Stop, if necessary.

12. Select neutral, if applicable.

13. Select gear, if necessary.

14. Observe, if applicable.

15. Move off/proceed, if necessary.

16. Check blind spot to right, if applicable.

17. Steer and position in appropriate lane, obeying all road traffic signs, signals, rules andmarkings.

18. Accelerate as necessary.

19. Cancel signal.

Note A:

Position motorcycle as close as possible towards the centre of the intersection prior to turning withdue safety and consideration for approaching vehicles, facing straight ahead, if possible.

Note B:

Should the signal change the vehicle waiting within such intersection shall be given the opportunityto leave when safe to do so.

Note C:

Position the motorcycle at all times in such a way that you discourage other road-users from sharingthe lane with you.

Note D:

A blind spot check shall be made just before chancing direction. Should the applicant have steeredto the right before stopping, it is unnecessary to check the blind spot again after moving off. Theobservation for moving off shall be sufficient.

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