Block Pedestrian crossing - uncontrolled

Block Pedestrian crossing - uncontrolled

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1. Check rear-view mirrors.

2. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

3. Yield to traffic and pedestrians, unless otherwise directed by road traffic signs or signals.

4. Decelerate, if necessary.

5. Brake, if necessary.

6. Select appropriate gear, if necessary.

7. Proceed, if safe.

8. Stop, if necessary.

9. Observe, if applicable.

10. Move off, if safe.

Note A:

If intending to take the first exit from the roundabout, the signal (left) shall be activated on theapproach to the roundabout. When intending to leave the roundabout at any subsequent exit, thesignal (left) shall be activated in good time prior to such exit. (When the signal has been activatedthe first exit shall be taken)

Note B:


(i) In the case of a mini-circle in an intersection, a signal to the left or the right, depending onthe intended direction of travel, shall be given. When no change of direction is intended, nosignal is necessary.

(ii) Right of way shall be given to traffic crossing the yield line first.

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