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Signalling - hand signals (turning left)

Signalling - hand signals (turning left)

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1. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to the left.

2. Signal intention using direction indicators.

3. Check blind spot to the right.

4. Extend right arm sidewards from shoulder.

5. Turn forearm in a vertical and downward position from elbow.

6. Move forearm in a circular anti-clockwise motion.

7. Retract arm in good time.

8. Replace hand to appropriate position on steering wheel before braking, gear selection or steering.

Note A:

This signal shall be given in good time and for sufficient duration prior to braking, gear selection or steering.

Note B:

This signal shall be used in conjunction with direction indicators which shall be activated prior to the hand signal.

Note C:

The applicant shall not be requested to repeat this signal if carried out satisfactorily the first time. If not carried out satisfactorily the first time, the applicant shall be requested to attempt to execute this signal once more. Only two attempts shall be permissible, however, if not successful at the 2nd attempt, penalty points shall again be allocated and the test continued.

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