Heavy Motor Vehicle

Alley docking - to the right

Alley docking - to the right

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- Position vehicle at starting point

- Cancel signal if applicable.

- Apply parking brake.

- Select neutral (or “P” for automatic transmission) wait for instructions


1. Check rear view mirrors and blind spot to right.

2. Signal intention.

3. Select gear.

4. Obtain clutch control (Manual transmission).

5. Observe.

6. Release parking brake.

7. Move off.

8. Check the blind spot to the left before the vehicle changes direction.

9. Steer into demarcated area, without touching any obstacle.

10. Stop vehicle within demarcated area.

11. Apply parking brake.

12. Select neutral (or “P” for automatic transmission).

13. Cancel signal.


14. Check rear-view mirrors and appropriate blind spot.

15. Signal intension.

16. Select gear.

17. Obtain clutch control (Manual transmission).

18. Observe.

19. Release parking brake.

20. Steer out of demarcated area, without touching any obstacles.

21. Cancel signal.

Note A:

If this manouevre cannot be completed at the 1st attempt as described in item 10, the vehicle shall againbe positioned in the original starting point from where a 2nd (final) attempt may be made, provided thatno obstacle or boundary line has been touched(stop-watch shall not be stopped)

Note B:

Stopping at any stage is permissible but no forward movement for a rigid vehicle shall be permissibleduring a single attempt.

Note C:

In the case of an articulated vehicle only one forward movement shall be allowed during each attempt.

Note D:

Should the vehicle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “Roll” and the test shall bediscontinued.

Note E:

Stopping and moving off in the same direction is not regarded as another movement. Stopping ispermitted at any stage during a movement, however, an observation shall be done before moving offif stationary for longer than 5 seconds.

Note F:

It is expected of the applicant while reversing, to check the opposite blind spot before the vehiclechanges direction.

Note G:


(1) Count st ..............................................

is meant that the applicant turns the steering while the vehicle is stationary.

Note H:

Should the signal cancel automatically, whilst entering or leaving, the applicant shall not be penalisedfor not reactivating it again.

Note I:

In all cases the rear end of the vehicle shall be at least passed the 3rd set of obstacles.

Note J:

Should the incorrect gear be selected when moving off from the starting point, this shall not be regardedas an attempt.

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