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Intersections - turning left

Intersections - turning left

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1. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to left.

2. Signal intention.

3. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

4. Check blind spot to the left, if applicable.

5. Position vehicle in lane, if necessary.

6. Check rear-view mirror(s).

7. Decelerate, if necessary.

8. Brake, if necessary.

9. Select gear, if necessary.

10. Yield to pedestrians, if necessary.

11. Stop, if necessary.

12. Select gear, if necessary.

13. Observe, if applicable.

14. Move off/proceed, if necessary.

15. Check blind spot to left, if applicable.

16. Steer into appropriate lane, obeying all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.

17. Check rear view mirror(s) whilst turning to ensure safe follow through of vehicle.

18. Accelerate, as necessary.

19. Cancel signal.

Note A:

A blind spot check shall be made just before changing direction. Should the applicant have steered to the left before stopping, it is unnecessary to check the blind spot again after moving off. The observation for moving off shall be sufficient.

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