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Animals that are not under the control of someone are not allowed on a public road or in a place where they might stray onto a public road. Herders often use country roads to move stock between paddocks.

  • People controlling animals on roads must carry a warning at least 150 metres ahead of and also beyond the herd as follows
    • Sunset to sunrise: a red light
    • Sunrise to sunset: a 300 mm square red flag
    • If there are not more than 10 animals, only one light or flag is required
  • If there are animals on the road:
    • follow any advice the herder may give you.
    • slow down or pull over to the side of the road
    • don't sound your horn or make a noise that could frighten the animals

Dogs may require separate attention. When you see a dog in the road slow down until you have passed the dog, then accelerate away.

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