Pollution and Damage to the Road

Pollution and Damage to the Road

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  • Deposit any objectionable matter of any nature onto the road or along the road. Objectionable matters include litter, grease, oil, fuel ashes, or other flammable matters. Oil and grease is slippery and can cause significant risk of accident to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Deposit any object on the road that could endanger or cause damage to traffic.
  • Do anything that will damage the road surface, including spinning or dragging any wheel or using chocks or shoes between wheels of a moving vehicle if you are a motorcycle.
  • Run the engine and vehicle in such a way which it makes smoke, fumes or noises that could cause annoyance to any person, as the vehicle could be unsafe and should not be driven. A well-maintained silencer and exhaust system will help.

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