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A Person is Disqualified

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The following circumstance will lead to a member being disqualified from obtaining a license:

  • If  such  person  is  addicted  to  the  use  of  any  drug  having  a  narcotic  effect  or  the excessive use of intoxicating liquor and;
  • during any period in respect of which he or she has been declared by a competent court or authority to be disqualified from obtaining or holding a licence to drive a motor vehicle, while such disqualification remains in force;
  • where a licence to drive a motor vehicle held by him or her has been suspended by a competent court or authority, while such suspension remains in force;
  • where a licence to drive a motor vehicle held by him or her has been cancelled by a competent court  or  authority,  for  such  period  as  he  or  she  may  not  apply  for  a licence;
  • if such licence relates to a class of motor vehicle which he or she may already drive under a licence held by him or her;
  • If suffering from one of the following diseases or disabilities:
    • uncontrolled epilepsy;
    • sudden attacks of disabling giddiness or fainting due to hypertension or any other cause;
    • any form of mental illness to such an extent that it is necessary that he or she be detained, supervised, controlled and treated as a patient in terms of the Mental Health Act, 1973 (Act No. 18 of 1973);
    • any condition causing muscular in coordination;
    • uncontrolled diabetes mellitus;
    • defective vision ascertained in accordance with a prescribed standard;
    • any  other  disease  or  physical  defect  which  is  likely  to  render  him  or  her incapable of effectively driving and controlling a motor vehicle of the class to which such  licence  relates  without  endangering  the  safety  of  the  public: Provided that deafness shall not of itself be deemed to be such a defect.

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