Moving Vehicles

Moving Vehicles

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  • Reverse (travel backwards) further in time or distance than is necessary and if it is not considered safe. Vehicles behave very differently when they reverse versus how the behave when going forwards. As such, you should only reverse as far as is reasonably necessary and proceed in a way and at a speed that is in line with the prevailing traffic conditions (see Reversing for more detail).
  • Drive, pull or push a vehicle on a sidewalk (pavement or verge); the obvious exceptions are baby prams or carts, wheelchairs, or a child's play vehicle. Sidewalks (pavements or verges) are reserved for pedestrians and meant to be a safe, vehicle free area for pedestrians (and sometimes cyclists). As such, vehicles in motion are not allowed on sidewalks.
  • Follow another vehicle too closely given prevailing traffic condition (see Safe Following Distance).
  • Conduct race or sports meetings on a public road without the consent of the Road Traffic Authority of the province or the relevant local authority.

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