Learner's License Theory

Driving Signals

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The driver/rider of a vehicle who intends to stop, or to turn such vehicle to the left or to the right, shall in good time, give a conspicuous signal of his or her intention, visible to any person approaching him or her from the front or from the rear or from the side, and of a duration sufficient to warn any such person of his or her intention.

Direction Indicators

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You may not drive your motor vehicle on a public road, unless it is equipped on both sides with flasher type direction indicators.

Each time when turning left or to the right and when changing lanes on a public road, it is compulsory to make use of direction indicators.

  • A light motor vehicle must be equipped with direction indicators; and
  • each indicator must have a lamp;
  • when in use, the lamp must show an intermittently flashing light of such intensity that it is clearly visible in normal daylight at a distance of 30 meters to a person of normal eyesight.
  • Indicator lamps, when in use, must emit white, yellow or amber light to the front, and yellow, amber or red light to the rear.

Retro Reflectors

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Light Motor Vehicles

A light motor vehicle must be fitted on the rear of it with two red retro-reflectors, one on each side.

Heavy Motor Vehicle

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A heavy motor vehicle may not be used on a public road unless there are fitted on the rear of such vehicle at the same height two red retro-reflectors, one on each side.

A heavy motor vehicle or a combination of motor vehicles may not be used on a public road, if the overall length of such vehicle or combination exceeds 7 meters,

unless there is fitted, on each side of such vehicle so many yellow retro-reflectors as may be necessary to ensure that no two successive yellow retro-reflectors are more than 3,6 meters apart,

If yellow reflective strips are fitted to a goods vehicle, yellow retro-reflectors are not necessary.

Yellow Reflective Material

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As from 1 January 2001, yellow reflective material (as prescribed), shall be fitted to the sides and rear of all goods vehicles of which the gross vehicle mass exceeds 10000 kilograms.

Goods vehicles of which the GVM does not exceed 10000 kilograms, may be fitted with such strips on the sides and rear, but is not compulsory.