Learner's License Theory


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No person shall park a vehicle on the roadway of a public road—

  • with a direction given by a traffic officer;
  • for any cause beyond the control of the driver/rider;
  • in any place where “Stopping” is not permitted;
  • in contravention of any road traffic sign;
  • on the same side as a fire hydrant within 1,5 meters on either side of the hydrant;
  • in any place where the vehicle would obscure any road traffic sign;
  • in such manner as to encroach upon the sidewalk; or
  • in such manner as to obstruct any private or public vehicular entrance;
  • except for any reason beyond the control of the driver/rider;
  • on any portion of the roadway (excluding the shoulders) of a public road outside an urban area or with any part of such vehicle within 1 meter of the edge of such roadway.
  • No person shall park on the roadway of a public road within an urban area—
  • within 9 meters of the side from which he or she approaches a pedestrian crossing;
  • within 5 meters of any intersection;
  • upon or over the actuating mechanism of a traffic signal;
  • with the outside of any left-hand wheel thereof more than 450 millimeters within the roadway;
  • which is less than 5,5 meters wide;
  • on a traffic island or in a pedestrian mall or pedestrian lane.